VardhanOL is a fermentation hygiene management and growth-promotion product which enhances alcohol production in sugar industries and improves quality of residue biomass.

Fermentation processes in industries are generally hampered by contaminations due to unhygienic conditions. It results in an increase in levels of volatile acids (like acetic acid and lactic acid) in the fermentor resulting in loss of process efficiency and yields. VardhanOL solution is a proprietary mixture of enzymes which promotes the growth and health of yeast. Healthy yeast leads to a healthy fermentation process thereby increasing the ethanol yields.

Currently, VardhanOL is deployed in distilleries in two variants :

VardhanOL2 : A variant of VardhanOL family for purpose of hygiene management which deploys chemical based bactericidal and bacteriostatic components along with growth promoters.

VardhanOL3 : An 'antibiotic free’ variant of VardhanOL family which has bacteriostatic herbal mixtures and growth promoting enzymes and components designed to improve the yeast cell health and control the production of volatile acids during the course of fermentation.

Both VardhanOL2 and VardhanOL3 are already tested on industrial scale batch fermentors and have so far enabled production of around 5,00,000 liters of fuel grade bioethanol and Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA).