sewage water treatment plant

Sewoclean® is a biological formulation in liquid form containing a mixture of various micro-organisms, nutrients and biocatalysts which effectively break-down the organic components of sewage to reduce COD,BOD and foul odour of the sewage.

Sewoclean can be used in STPs of various hotels, hospitals, warehouses, industries and residential societies.

    Special Features of Sewoclean :

  • It is an easy to use drop-in solution.
  • It is effective in very small dose (20-100gms of Sewoclean is needed per 1000 litres of sewage).
  • It improves productivity and throughput of the sewage treatment plant(STP).
  • No need to modify existing process of the STP.
  • No need to add any additional equipment to the STP.
  • It can be customized as per client's requirement.