EffluePure is a proprietary cocktail of diverse fungi, bacteria and enzymes which act on pollution causing organic components of industrial and domestic waste-water to bring down the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of the effluent. The interdependent and interacting microbial population dynamics and genetics forms the backbone of this product.

Our specialized variants of EffluePure are designed for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) operating in food, brewery, dairy, chemical, pharma, biotech and API manufacturing sectors which do not have large ETP install capacity due to insufficient space. By increasing the throughput of the process, we can rapidly bring down the COD of the effluent within legally permissible limits. We regularly deal with effluent streams with high COD (greater than 50,000).

Since EffluePure is microbial and enzymatic in nature, it works on very low concentrations (20-200 ppm). Thereby making it cost-effective and easier to handle on site. Thus, we typically halve the COD value within 48 hours on our client sites.

EffluePure has successfully treated 10 million litres of industrial effluent so far and counting.

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First Prize Winner Certificate

Effluepure was awarded the first prize in Dare to Dream 2.0 PAN India Innovation contest held by DRDO, Ministry of Defense, Govt of India.

Frequently Asked Questions

The major causes of industrial water pollution are; uncontrolled industrial scale up, lack of infrastructure to mitigate scale of operations, mismatch in treatment technology and nature of waste to be treated.
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is the parameter to measure capacity of water to consume oxygen during degradation of organic matter and oxidation of inorganic substances. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) represents the amount of oxygen consumed by micro-organisms while decomposing organic matter.
COD & BOD both are standard parameters to measure level of pollution in water. High COD and BOD of water indicates high pollution in water.
EffluePure is an enzymatically enhanced bioculture comprising of unique cocktail of diverse specially isolated microbes.
The microbes present in EffluePure have a unique ability to eat and consume organic compounds efficiently to completely degrade the hazardous chemicals causing pollution.
EffluePure can be used to treat organic pollution causing chemicals commonly found in industries such as Textile, Pharma, Chemical Processing Industries, Biochemical, Dyes, Pesticides, Ancillary chemicals and similar industries.
The enzymes help in catalysing the consumption of chemicals by organisms. The daily results are quite instantaneous and a reduction of 1% COD per hour is documented.
EffluePure uses microbes isolated from soil and water which are naturally occurring. These microbes are non-pathogenic and possess no threat to personnel handling.
EffluePure is an easy to apply liquid solution in aeration tanks. It does not require any extra infrastructure, energy or labour to support deployment like most other treatment techniques. Moreover, it reduces the high pollution causing organic compounds to simpler compounds like water & carbon dioxide. There is no by-product formation. EffluePure is a best plug and play solution.